The Faces Behind Bubba Bites November 05 2013

Thank you a million times over for all the likes and love on our social media pages. If you have not liked our Facebook page or our Twitter page yet, please show us some love. We are also so pleased with our sales from this page. If your pooch hasn't tried Bubba Bites yet, we strongly recommend it.

It's now time to introduce you to some of the faces behind our delicious dog treats. We have an awesome team that works harder, faster, and put so much love in to each and every bite. When you order, you will be sure to have a quality product after our team reviews each and every Bubba Bite individually.

First I want to introduce you to H and K, they are working so hard to make sure each Bubba Bite is cut out and that each one is in the exact shape of the dog bone.

Next up is K and B, they are the master mixers of the ingredients. Both can whip up a batch of dough in no time.

What about T, she precisely places each treat on the baking sheet so they won't stick together.

E and M roll out the dough to just the right thickness. They both have this perfected.


With all these hard workers, you are sure to get a product your precious pooch will love. We hope that we can continue serving you, for your all natural dog treat needs. We are committed 100% to giving you a quality product. Thanks for helping us make our dream grow.