Holiday Shopping November 14 2013

With the gift giving season coming up, I thought some pet gift ideas would be appropriate for today. Of course when giving gifts to your friends with pets and your own four legged friends, we hope you will consider giving Bubba Bites.

Why not make a gift basket out of pet supplies. You can always find cute baskets or boxes at Ross, Target, or even TJ Maxx. Once you have your cute basket picked out, start with a treat...HINT HINT...Bubba Bites make a good treat to start with. From their you could add cute holiday toy. I was at Petsmart this week and they have tons of holiday toys, my favorite were the Disney ones. Along with treats and a toy, you could throw in a new collar and leash and a cute holiday shirt for the pooch. You could also do a gift basket with a towel, shampoo, a brush and of course a box of Bubba Bites. There are so many ideas you could do for the pet loving friends you have in your life. Here are a few pictures I picked up off the web to show you cute gift basket ideas.


Maybe you have that one friend who loves to take photos of their pampered pooch and turn those photos in to scrapbooks. There are tons of scrapbook paper, stickers, and embellishments out there that you can buy. If you check out Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Anne stores you are sure to find pet loving scrapbook materials. Here are a few ideas for you.



I hope that these ideas help you during the gift giving season. Don't forget to get man's best friend a gift this holiday. They are our loyal companions and are by our sides during the good times and the bad times.